Our Purpose

Michigan's Multi-tiered System of Supports (MiMTSS) Technical Assistance Center (TA Center) is a state and federally funded project that helps intermediate and local school districts implement and sustain a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in their schools to improve student outcomes in behavior and learning. MTSS focuses on providing high quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs. This is accomplished by focusing on evidence-based practices implemented with fidelity that are sustainable over time and utilizing data-based decision making at all levels of implementation support.


The MiMTSS TA Center supports educators in building their knowledge and skills to serve all students equitably using a Multi-Tiered System of Supports framework. We are committed to helping educators use data, systems, and practices that honor individual identities and provide opportunities for all to achieve their dreams.

Core Principles

The supports provided by the TA Center are reflective of the following core principles:

  • Focus on meaningful, relevant and equitable outcomes rather than activities.
  • Invest in systems to support fidelity, sustainability, and scalability.
  • Utilize evidence-based practices.
  • Use evaluation for continuous improvement.
  • Employ a multi-tiered framework with increasing support matched to need.