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Data-based decision making is a critical feature of MTSS. Proper implementation requires data to be collected and analyzed at the intermediate school district (ISD), district, school, and student levels.

The Crucial Role of Evaluation

Proper evaluation ensures that MTSS implementation plans are grounded in good decision making. Without evaluation, every action taken by districts and schools would be just a guessing game. MTSS requires evaluation at every level of implementation on a continual basis, including:

  • Installation and capacity-building efforts.
  • Systems and team activities.
  • School-wide practices and targeted student interventions.

Collecting the right data is critical, but simply having data is not enough to guide decision making. District and school staff must understand what the data mean as they analyze it. When teams look at data, they use that information to design improvements that will lead to success for all students.

Rationale for Required Assessments

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Capacity Assessments

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Reach Assessments

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