Intensifying Literacy Instruction Introductory Series


Sep 08, 2023

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9/12/23 - 9/19/23


All sessions are 3:45-5:45 PM




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Free for all participants.

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MiMTSS TA Center
Note: SCECHs are
for this event.
An Event For:

Interventionists, Coaches, Administrators, Ancillary Staff, Multi-Disciplinary Teams

This two-part series focuses on Tier 3, the most intensive level of intervention support. A process to evaluate student response to intervention instruction to design either group or individualized intensive intervention plans will be shared. Participants will review example data sets to create a group intensive intervention plan and an individualized intensive intervention plan. Participants will reflect on how the process described complements what is happening in their district or school. A variety of resources will be shared to support participants in generalizing the information to their setting.

By the end of this series, participants will:

  1. Define Tier 3
  2. Describe data-based individualization
  3. Determine when to design a group intensification plan versus an individual intensification plan
  4. Practice using data to create group intensive intervention plans and individualized intensive intervention plans
  5. Review resources to support generalizing information to their school/district setting