The Simple View of Writing: Is it Really that Simple?


Nov 14, 2023

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3:15-4:45 PM


Zoom information provided upon registration.

Free for all participants.

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MiMTSS TA Center
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for this event.
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Elementary Classroom Teachers, Literacy Coaches, Title 1 Teachers, Interventionists, Building Administrators

The Simple View of Writing (Berninger and Amtmann, 2003) provides a framework to understand the relationship between transcription skills, text generation, working memory, and executive functions. Participants will learn that transcription skills (handwriting, spelling, keyboarding) are as critical as developing composition skills, in developing proficient writers. This session will show teachers how to use this model to determine students’ writing strengths and needs with an emphasis on transcription skills and sentence instruction.

Learner Outcomes

  1. Transcription and Composition are separate skills and are taught separately
  2. Instruction for Transcription includes practicing skills to automaticity
  3. Composition is learning how to organize and think, beginning with sentence instruction
  4. Students must have solid Transcription skills to support proficient writing
  5. Teachers can use theoretical models of writing to identify Transcription and Composition difficulties and guide instructional decisions