MiMTSS Data System Orientation

The MiMTSS Data System is a free-access web-based data system designed for LEAs, ISDs, and MDE to gather and analyze data that are critical for the continuous improvement of MTSS in Michigan. When teams use data to drive decisions about MTSS, it is more likely that MTSS will be implemented and sustained to support each and every learner.


  1. Data about the MiMTSS Data System
  2. Personnel, User Roles, and Permissions
  3. Data Entry, Dashboards, Reports
  4. Resources to Support Signing Up, Ongoing Learning, and System Improvements


  • Understand the data available in the MiMTSS Data System.
  • Preview available reports and dashboards available in MiMTSS Data System.
  • Consider who from your organization might want or need access to the MiMTSS Data System.
  • Learn how the MiMTSS Data System relates to other systems.