Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children (PTR-YC)

This series is designed to support individuals who facilitate or participate on teams completing functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans for preschool children. Participants will learn about the manualized Prevent, Teach, Reinforce for Young Children (PTR-YC) process, which is a research-based process designed to reduce the challenging behaviors of young children and support children with engagement in positive relationships, social-emotional competencies, and classroom learning. The series will help providers implement the assessment and intervention strategies with a high level of fidelity, leading to improved outcomes for children.


Bring the Prevent, Teach, Reinforce for Young Children (PTR-YC), Second Edition manual to the live Zoom sessions:

  • Preview the Table of Contents (pg. iii-v) in the PTR-YC manual.
  • Read pages 3-7 of the PTR-YC manual (“Introduction to Prevent-Teach-Reinforce,” “Guiding Beliefs and Principles,” and “Prevention”).

Session 1


Session 1 includes descriptions of the first few steps of the PTR-YC process, including team structures, goal setting, data collection, and completing a functional behavior assessment.


  1. Foundations of PTR-YC
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Data Collection
  4. Functional Behavioral Assessment


  • Describe the PTR-YC process to others
  • Practice operationally defining behavior and developing a behavior rating scale
  • Explain the purpose of the PTR-YC checklists

Session 2

Session 2 includes descriptions of the final few steps of the PTR-YC process, including developing a hypothesis and creating an individualized plan. Additionally, the session includes facilitation recommendations and time for questions and discussion.


  1. PTR-YC Assessment
  2. Intervention
  3. Data Usage and Next Steps
  4. Putting It All Together


  • Develop a hypothesis statement based on PTR-YC checklists
  • Generate prevent, teach, and reinforce strategies to implement in a behavior support plan
  • Explore resources for facilitating the PTR-YC process